Performance: The Unfinished Draft at the Museum of Futures, Kingston


The poem, the story, the poster, the literary artwork as Note. Note as in draft, as in graphic symbol, as in discovered text. Note as in reminder, forgotten, perhaps scrawled, handwritten, typed or digital. Note on a phone, in a notebook, on a bus. The notebook as the poem, the word doc draft as the final story, because the author intervened. An exhibition that celebrates the process over the product, that takes pleasure, and pain, in the inevitable unfinished, in that which points to a future finality that’ll never come.”

Steven J Fowler invited me to be one of the curators for the ‘Notational Literature: The Unfinished Draft’Β exhibition at the Museum of Futures in Kingston-upon-Thames, UK. It was my first time curating an exhibition, and I was astounded by the quality of the pieces we received from all over Europe. It was an amazing experience and it is certainly something I would like to repeat.

I also exhibited my first work of visual poetry, ‘Remains’ (picture below). It felt gratifying to challenge myself this way, especially since asemic and visual poetry was something I had only heard of recently via an audited poetry class during my Master’s Degree.

Additionally, I got to perform an eponymous poem on the Opening Night of the event. See the performance below: